All about our Self Guided Tours

Self Guided Tours – Who is it for? How does it work? Who is it not for?

Who it is not for? – those folks who are happy to follow along and have every detail pre-determined. Lots of visitors to new places feel this is the best way – Guided Tours!  For them it is the best way. It’s just not the only way!

But some like the adventure of exploring and are comfortable not knowing every detail. Some like the opportunity to stop when they find something interesting (and not at the scheduled time/location).  Imagine passing a street cafe and stopping to sample the coffee? Or seeing the ocean at the end of a narrow street and turning in to look? Or a market – full of bustling people and bright colours?  The possibilities are endless!

A Self-Guided Tour is for those of you who want some freedom to explore and yet, have a plan.

How it works – Our E-Bikes are equipped with small navigation computers (attached to the handlebars) with detailed routes to many of Vancouver’s popular attractions. Using GPS the indicator displays your location on the route to guide you along. This allows you to go at any pace and know you are experiencing the city in a safe and efficient way. The routes utilize Vancouver’s protected bike paths that are increasingly popular around the city. As a backup, laminated route maps are also attached on the handlebars.

The question then is what kind of traveller are you?  Guided or Self-Guided?