E-Bike Season is here! Let’s get outside 50% off Promo!

The temperature is rising, the trees are in full bloom, and people are outside in droves! Yes, there will be some rainy days, but the tides are turning and we all know the sun will prevail as Vancouver slides into summer. So let’s go have fun!  If you are looking … Read more

Luggage storage while you ride!

Want to make the very most of your time in Vancouver? On your first or last day of your visit to Vancouver, why drag your bags around before check-in or after checkout when you could be out having fun. We will safely store your luggage while you’re out having fun ... Read more

Try a Self-Guided E-Bike Adventure

How to stay cool and have fun? Let’s see. The weather forecast for the weekend is perfect! We’ve been waiting all year for this! So how to get outside and enjoy the sun and keep cool at the same time? Think  of you and your friends zipping along, wind in ... Read more

What to do in Vancouver today?

What to do in Vancouver this afternoon? #1 answer - go for an E-bike ride, of course! Top 10 reasons this is a great activity to consider with Vancouver Outdoor Adventures! Fun, fun, fun! Effortless! At the end of the ride you still have energy for the evening and you’re ... Read more

E-Biking False Creek

Electric Bike Tour around False Creek - what you see and what you don’t! 1. What you do see: Breathtakingly picturesque scenery best seen on a beautiful summer day, but always there regardless! The skyline, the green space, the carefully thought out cycling/walking trail around the sparkling water with water ... Read more

All about our Self Guided Tours

Self Guided Tours - Who is it for? How does it work? Who is it not for? Who it is not for? - those folks who are happy to follow along and have every detail pre-determined. Lots of visitors to new places feel this is the best way - Guided ... Read more

Looking for something to do in Vancouver?

Let’s see. The weather forecast for the weekend is perfect! Logic says the only thing to do is go outside and enjoy the sun.  In Vancouver, the May long weekend says ‘Bring on Summer’! There are options of course, but for those who want to explore the city in a ... Read more

Why tour on an electric bike?

Why an Electric Bike? Fun!  I can elaborate on some pros and cons of touring on an electric bike, but the number one reason is because it’s soooo much FUN! After all this time I still break into a grin when my foot hits the pedal. I’m smiling just thinking ... Read more

How to be cool in Vancouver

Looking for a way to stay cool in Vancouver? Try a Self-Guided E-Bike Adventure Our fantastic summer weather is forecasted to heat up again, so how to get outside, enjoy summer and keep cool at the same time? You don’t have to be a tourist or visitor to enjoy!  Go on ... Read more