E-Biking False Creek

Electric Bike Tour around False Creek – what you see and what you don’t!

1. What you do see:

Breathtakingly picturesque scenery best seen on a beautiful summer day, but always there regardless! The skyline, the green space, the carefully thought out cycling/walking trail around the sparkling water with water taxis, dragon boats, kayaks, and boats of all sizes.  Then, mix it up with seemingly limitless amount of places to eat and drink!  Welcome to present day False Creek.

2 .What you don’t see:

It wasn’t always that way. Around 100 years ago both the North and South sides were developed for industrial purposes and home to many sawmills and small port operations. Once twice the size, roughly 1/2 of False Creek was infilled to create land for the Canadian Northern Railway Pacific Centre Station. Before that, well, history provides us with stories of First Nations settlements all along the ‘False Creek’.

3. North side vs South side – can you feel the difference?

Around 50 years ago (accelerating with Expo 86) there was an emergence of ideas to transition False Creek to being the populous residential area that it is today.

The north shore of False Creek, on the downtown peninsula, evolved to high-density residences and commercial retailers with the primary goal being economic profit that are visible if you look away from the water – examples are BC Place, Rogers Arena, and the new downtown Casino Resort – Parq Vancouver.

South False Creek feels more like a playground. The 2010 Olympics accelerated a growth and densification of residential availabilities accompanied by all the amenities but focuses on the livable component such as recreational activities, modes of transportation, and a more picturesque landscape to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Bike paths, parks, unique homes, a public market, and the intentional preservation of mountain-views, distinguish the area of South False Creek.

4. What ties it all together?

The ever expanding SeaSide Trail (or Seawall) continues from Stanley Park to the north and Kitsilano to the Southwest wrapping False Creek like a bow on a present! On any given day you will see people out walking, cycling, or possibly rollerblading – maybe for the sunrise/sunset, maybe to watch the boats or kayaks, or maybe just for the exercise, but all enjoying the sparkle on the water!

Join us on one of our fabulous City Sights E-Bike Tours to experience False Creek!