How to be cool in Vancouver

Looking for a way to stay cool in Vancouver? Try a Self-Guided E-Bike Adventure Our fantastic summer weather is forecasted to heat up again, so how to get outside, enjoy summer and keep cool at the same time? You don’t have to be a tourist or visitor to enjoy!  Go on an electric bike ride – through the Endowment Land forests at UBC! Stay cool! Have fun!

Think  of you and your friends zipping along, wind in your hair, sunglasses firmly in place, complete with a picnic on the beach – think no further! Go on an electric bike self guided adventure (following a GPS route along the bike paths) or a route of your own creation. The opportunities are endless! A fantastic option for all fitness levels and anyone 16yrs and older and a great way to stay cool under the canopy of the forest!

Our ‘Local’ Vancouver Self-Guided E-Bike Tour with Picnic still has openings!. Book Now with Vancouver Outdoor Adventures before it sells out!

Oh, its a great option for tourists and visitors too! 🙂