What to do in Vancouver today?

What to do in Vancouver this afternoon? #1 answer – go for an E-bike ride, of course!

Top 10 reasons this is a great activity to consider with Vancouver Outdoor Adventures!

  1. Fun, fun, fun!
  2. Effortless! At the end of the ride you still have energy for the evening and you’re not all tired and sweaty.
  3. See more of the city than you would think possible.
  4. Self-guided tours only suggest a route, but you can start and stop on a whim and go wherever you like!
  5. Includes a picnic lunch so nobody gets hangry!
  6. Includes water to keep you hydrated.
  7. Attached map identifies the protected bike paths for those who like to keep distance from the traffic!
  8. Attached map suggests the most efficient route to some of the ‘must see’ attractions in Vancouver.
  9. Fresh air is free!
  10. Smiles are free!