Why tour on an electric bike?

Why an Electric Bike?

Fun!  I can elaborate on some pros and cons of touring on an electric bike, but the number one reason is because it’s soooo much FUN! After all this time I still break into a grin when my foot hits the pedal. I’m smiling just thinking about it! Silly I know but true.

So, why choose to tour on an electric bike ?  First of all, it’s easy. Anyone who has ever ridden a bike before can  ride an electric bike.  Yes, they are a tad heavier (because of the battery) but the motor assists any effort to get it going or on inclines, so its just a matter of balance! As the saying goes – it’s like riding a bike!

It’s effortless! It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is or if you’ve gained a few pounds or simply not feeling up to any exertion today, an electric bike does all the work so you don’t have to worry. You can still get out in the sunshine and feel the ‘wind in your hair’.  Sunglasses recommended!

Free smiles guaranteed! Why? Because its so much fun! If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while be prepared to feel like a little kid again. If you’re a seasoned cyclist you are already smiling because you know you like ‘getting out there’ anyway you can.  The smiling is contagious!

Go further and see more than other tour options. Stop when you want, go when you want, faster, slower, take pictures, even change the route – it’s whatever you want to do!

Ok, nothing is absolutely perfect, and so its true with an E-Bike Tour. This adventure will not aid in your daily exercise.  It doesn’t count for any ‘steps’ or calories burned.  But who counts while on vacation anyway?

And after all that, it’s really just FUN!